How to Check Your Computer Power Supply

The power supply for your computer is the most important element. But it’s often the component that is overlooked; therefore, it’s usually a generic, budget brand. The power supply can cause errors and restarts because other parts in your computer are not getting enough voltage or power.

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Where Did I Put My Memory?

Our memories are important. Our memories make us who we are. But what if you remembered everything? That may not be a good thing since getting rid of old memories helps to form new ones. Perfect memories retain the information you need and forget what you don’t

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Are We Digital Dummies?

Communicating is a part of human nature. It’s what we do. With advancements in technology, there are no limitations to when and where we can communicate. Over twelve billion text messages are sent worldwide every day and over a billion people are on Facebook. In addition, the

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How to Choose Between a Desktop and a Laptop

There are pros and cons to owning a desktop and a laptop. You may already know some of them if you own both. Remember to choose the type of computer that best suits your lifestyle and living space. A laptop is a great option even if you

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How to Evaluate Your Web Browser’s Security Settings

Increasing the security settings in your web browser could prevent your computer from being attacked by viruses or unwanted hackers. Your web browser is your main connection to the rest of the Internet, multiple applications may rely on your browser, or elements within your browser to function.

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Copy Machines Are a Serious Security Risk

Warehouses worldwide hold thousands of used copy machines ready to be sold to unknown buyers. Nearly every copy machine that has been built since 2002 contains a hard drive similar to the one on your computer. Your copy machine stores images of every document that you scan,

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