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How to Gear up for a Zoom Presentation event for your Non-profit or association Chapter

Creating a small Zoom enabled event is a great way to bring talented speakers and presenters together for your Association, Board, or Chapter Meetings. The equipment featured here is ideal for enabling a Zoom presentation for your group of say 10-50. With some simple inexpensive equipment, you can easily host a speaker and provide them …

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Anand Sharma of 113 West Condominium Management shares his perspective on Technology

Mtek Digital

Anand is a busy executive and today, he shares some of the tools that keep him productive at the office and while travelling, and what keeps him grounded at home!  Gary’s Toolbox mentioned in this video: → MS Office 365 → Remote Printing → Vendor Management Tools → MS Outlook Calendar → Netflix …

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Are advertisers tracking you? Here’s how to control them.


Have you recently visited a website to take a quick look at something and then got bombarded with ads from that company anywhere you go?  Advertisers who use the Google Ads platform can track you on Google, YouTube, and any of their ad partners through apps and websites. You can control this through Google Ad personalization …

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