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OnePlus’ Flagship Killer

Dubbing itself the Flagship Killer, the OnePlus One smartphone brings unbelievable value for money with specs that match Google’s Nexus and Samsung’s Galaxy flagships at less than half the price. Starting at $299 for the 16GB version, OnePlus One has a sleek, high-end look, with excellent internals.

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Google Chromecast vs Apple TV

The television set of today bears little resemblance to its older versions and we can expect that TV will continue to upgrade as technology advances. These days, consumers are looking for greater connectivity. How, for example, do you get all the media that lives on your handheld devices to the tube? Apple and Google present their respective casting devices: the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV. Sitting on opposite sides of the price spectrum (the Chromecast retails for $35 while you can get the Apple TV for $99), each device has its own pros and cons.

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Review: The Typo 2 keyboard case

Ever since Steve Jobs championed virtual keyboards through the development of iPhones, more and more smartphones have jettisoned physical keyboards altogether as people seemed alright with typing on glass. There are still some, however, who prefer typing on a physical keyboard, but who are also fans of iOS and don’t want to give up using their iPhones.

Enter Typo, an iPhone case with a physical keyboard. There was a lawsuit launch by BlackBerry on their first version, the courts agreed and Typo was discontinued. But now it’s back with a revised design. Meet Typo 2, an iPhone keyboard case that retails for $79 for its iPhone 5/5s-compatible models, and $99 for iPhone 6 cases. Interested? Hold your horses and consider the following:

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Flexible, printable, rechargeable, batteries are on the horizon


As smartphones get even smarter, screen resolutions clearer, processing speeds faster and 3D graphics more and more lifelike, one aspect that hasn’t really changed all that much in the ever-evolving technological landscape are batteries. Though lithium-ion battery manufacturers constantly find ways to increase energy efficiency, performance, and capacity, we haven’t really experienced any major breakthroughs in battery technology. Until recently, that is.

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Should you switch to mechanical keyboards for gaming?


When it comes to PC peripherals, mechanical keyboards aren’t really all that popular yet, though they’ve slowly been gaining a bit of traction in recent years. One factor is definitely the price – mechanical keyboards are significantly more expensive than the common rubber-dome switch keyboards usually bundled with PC packages. So why pay extra if you’re already satisfied with a completely functional keyboard?

The funny thing with mechanical keyboards is that you won’t know what you’re missing until you actually get to use one for an extended period. And most people who discover mechanical keyboards swear they’re never going back to using regular membrane or scissor-type switch keyboards again.

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