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Are Self-Driving Cars Hackable?


Driverless cars are definitely the stuff of sci-fi movies. Think about this scenario for a second: a highway full of cars driven by artificial intelligence zooming along lanes at controlled speeds, all of them avoiding accidents by wirelessly communicating with other cars. Sounds awesome, right? Umm…

However, just like in sci-fi movies, things can go horribly, horribly wrong.

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Self-destruct phone developed by Boeing and BlackBerry

Just like in a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie, Boeing and Blackberry are working together to develop a smartphone that self-destructs if tampered with. This new phone is based on Boeing’s Android-based high security smartphone and is geared towards the security and defense communities. The Blackphone will encrypt calls to other supporting phones utilizing …

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Coming Soon: Ad-Free Browsing by Google

If you feel like there’s a trend towards subscriptions these days, you may be right. From Netflix to Spotify, online media providers rely on the subscription model to monetize digital content while providing a relatively ad-free environment. The popularity of these services proves that consumers are willing to pay for a seamless experience, but would this extend to the world of web ads? Google seems to think so.

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Introducing the Facebook Groups App

Facebook Messenger isn’t the only feature that the social media giant feels is worthy of a standalone app anymore. Fans of the social network can now download Facebook Groups, an app that lets users stay connected with their Facebook groups and join new ones. If you’ve ever felt that the groups feature of the site was underused then this app is a great way to put it on center stage. As soon as you launch the app, you’re presented with a list of groups you currently belong to, with the ones you view more frequently appearing on top.

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