IT Matters

Smart Thermostats Part of Your Home Automation Strategy

Home automation and smart homes have been talked about for years. X10 has many different gadgets you could incorporate to control your lights and other devices. The Nest Thermostat is a fairly new piece of technology where it learns your habits. It programs itself to raise and drop the temperature depending if you are home or away. They also have a smartphone app and allow the ability to control remotely from a computer. The goal of smart homes is to save energy and run more efficiently driving down costs.

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Marry Technology with Your Exercise Routine Using a Treadmill Desk

Technology was supposed to make life easier. In many ways it has however much more is expected out of us. For many people, you end up having to use technology within the confines of an office or cubicle. Others have the opportunity to work from home along with all of its distractions. Unfortunately the end result for many of us is a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity. To top it off, we feel tired at the end of our days and many become couch potatoes. As a result of this excessive screen time during the day and evening, it is linked to negative health consequences and putting on a few extra pounds.

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