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Top 10 IT Jobs for 2013

Mashing together a number of lists now available, here is the top 10 list I have come up with: Computer Systems Analyst Database Administrator Software Developer Web Developer Computer Programmer IT Manager System Administrator Project Manager IT Analyst Network Administrator See anything missing?

Invest Time in Your IT Infrastructure and Ask These 10 Questions

We are living in exponential times in regards to growth of information technology. New developments that are occurring on an annual basis simply dwarf the developments in prior centuries. With this being understood, the need for IT sub-specialization and ongoing education is imperative. You wouldn’t want a family doctor performing open-heart surgery; likewise, you shouldn’t …

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A Step in the Right Direction: Assessing Your Information Technology Infrastructure

Perhaps you constantly have an IT crisis on your hands or perhaps you have many questions and realized that you have shortcomings within your IT organization. Either way, a systematic and organized examination of your organization’s information technology systems and operations needs to be conducted to start the process. For many larger organizations, this may …

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3D Printers coming to a home near you (Makerbot, Printrbot, Cubify)

I have been following the progress of 3D printers which are very fascinating. They are becoming affordable for the home user in addition to being simpler to use.

3D printing takes a three-dimensional data file and creates a solid object by printing it layer by layer. Great for engineers, designers, and hobbyists. Excellent for proof of concepts and making little unique gadgets.

Three organizations have come out with their own flavors: Makerbot, Printrbot, and Cubify.

It is amazing to see what people have come up with for unique designs. I especially like the geometrical 3D shapes.

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