Why Does Your Voice Sound Weird When You Listen to Videos of Yourself?

When you first get into video or audio recordings, there’s a lot to take in. I’m sure you’ll feel excited about making videos and audio recordings or perhaps your nervous. Whatever the case is, the revelations that come from that experience are different when you get to editing those recordings for the first time. The big reason is that your voice doesn’t sound right. In fact many think their voice sounds just awful.

How to Avoid Shaky Smartphone Videos

Options For Avoiding Shaky Cameras

As transcribed from my video: “What kind of selfie stick should you purchase in order to get better video? And why would we do that? We call that the shaky cam effect where you’re doing a self-recording of a video and you are hand holding the camera which is shaking a bit. There are stabilized …

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I interviewed Chris Koehn, Journalist and Videographer

Mtek Digital

Meet Chris Koehn, a Journalist and Videographer Learn about the tools and technology that maintain and drive his passion for learning! Chris’ Toolbox mentioned in this video: → → → → → → →

Are You Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday August 21?


For those of you who don’t know already, or those who do, here are some helpful tips for the Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) event occurring in North America on Monday, August 21. The last north American TSE was in 1979.

Many are suggesting this will be the most photographed event yet in human history.

  • NASA has an interactive Google-like map to show you the 70-mile wide path across the USA. (See NASA’s Map)
  • has a great site telling you exact times for the Eclipse in your city and what it will look like (helpful if you are not in the path of the total eclipse).

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