What to do in the event of a data breach

When it comes to data breaches these days, it’s no longer a question of if, but when. And when confidential and sensitive information is exposed to prying eyes, this can cause members of your organization or the owners of said information to panic or worse: your clients may leave/stop patronizing your product/service altogether. If handled poorly, the general public may also develop a negative perception about your organization – and that is never good for business. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

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Developing a Knowledge Base and Promoting Organizational Learning

Knowledge bases and organizational learning are relatively new concepts for businesses and organizations; while these areas do not solely belong to information technologies, IT provides the tools and infrastructure needed to foster these activities. Developing a knowledge base within an organization can vary from data collection of ticketing complaints to information gathered through IT assessments, …

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Simplifying Your Support of Corporate Workstations & Laptops by Standardizing and Rotating Every 3 Years

Over the last several years, two camps of thought have developed over how workstations should be constructed and incorporated into an IT infrastructure. One camp, which is older and focused on short-term costs, believes that workstations should be built according to the current needs of the organization at the time. In other words, a workstation …

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