Are We Digital Dummies?

Communicating is a part of human nature. It’s what we do. With advancements in technology, there are no limitations to when and where we can communicate. Over twelve billion text messages are sent worldwide every day and over a billion people are on Facebook. In addition, the

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Did You Know 2.0

In a past posting I made (December 2008) I had come across a great video that was done by PromoMMX for SonyBMG Rome 2008. Since then many Did You Know derivatives have been spawned on the Internet, some not so serious, some with numbers you cannot trust,

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Top IT Jobs for 2010


Looking over this list, it isn’t surprising to see the following as the top IT jobs for 2010. Information Systems Auditor Computer Forensics Database Administrator Software Engineers Network Administrators IT Security Manager Virtualization Engineers Project Manager Voice Specialists 

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