The History of Windows Startup Sounds

Recently I read a great nostalgic post on mashable about this exact topic. Check out the video at the end of the post, that’s the best part.

They presented all of these sounds in a video slide show of sorts, but you needed to click individually on each page. I felt it would be great to take the same content but morph it into a single video (which I have done, see below) and I pasted all of their text for each one so you can read it all in a single glance. If find this works better for people who have limited time and want to see things “at a glance”. 🙂

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Windows 8 – A Major Technology Shift!

It is believed that Microsoft’s new launch Windows 8 signifies the end of WinNT era and the beginning of the WinRT (Windows RunTime) programming model. I am certain that many people will still continue to run Win32 for years to come (I still know many people running Windows XP even though it is end of …

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