An interesting look inside the world of IT with an expert survival guide.

IT Survival Guide

Conquering Information Technology in your Organization

Is your IT system an asset or a hindrance to your organization’s success?

More important, can you tell the difference?

Unlike other well-recognized professions, information technology is still in its infancy. Organizations have little hesitation in paying attorneys, accountants, or business strategists for their expertise. As individuals, we don’t blink an eye while paying for a physician’s opinion of our health. Yet business executives rarely think to request a professional opinion from an IT consultant. If organizations wish to succeed in the future, however, this practice needs to change.

Business owners and executives often see IT departments as financial drains and necessary evils rather than as additions of value to their organizations.

In today’s global market, information is indeed the most valuable commodity.

And IT professionals stereotypically are unable to effectively communicate the benefits of IT investments to the organization due to limited “soft” skills. But both have responsibilities to establish more-effective communication and understanding so that overall goals can be aligned.

In this book you will gain an understanding of how IT systems and tools can offer your organization the best chance to succeed. Additionally, you will appreciate the value of IT assessments and professional consultations. Knowing how to best manage your organization’s information with effective and efficient IT systems is therefore essential. This book aims to equip you with this valuable knowledge and enable you to achieve the success you desire.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Today’s Information Technology Environment: Putting out Fires

The Evolution of Information Technology

A Few Questions Every Organization Should Consider

A Step in the Right Direction

Chapter Two: Getting Started: Conducting an IT Assessment

The Discovery Meeting

Other Benefits of the Discovery Meeting

Choosing the Right Person for the Job

Moving Forward

Chapter Three: First Things First: Targeting High-Priority Fixes

Taking a Tour of the Data Center

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Operational Issues

Documentation Issues

Examining the IT Budget

From Crisis Mode to Maintenance Mode

Chapter Four: What’s Good IT without the Right Technology?


Virtualized Servers / Virtual Machines



Network Switches





Having a Solid Foundation

Chapter Five: Work Smarter, Not Harder: Having the Right Tools in Place

Backup and Archiving Tools

Cooling and Power Needs

Monitoring and Alerting


Ticketing / Knowledge-Base

Using the Toolbox

Chapter Six: The Right People - Assembling a Great IT Team

Today’s IT Training Environment

The Maze of Certifications

A Need for Soft Skills among IT Personnel

Responsibilities of the C-Suite

Outsourcing as an Alternative

People Make the Difference

Chapter Seven: Maintenance and Prevention: Avoiding the Fires

Periodic IT Assessments

Monitoring Implementation

Aligning Corporate and IT Goals

Developing a Knowledge Base and Promoting Organizational Learning

Fireproofing versus Firefighting

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