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I consult one-on-one with small to mid-sized businesses (SMB), speakers, coaches, people with ideas, IT directors / managers and staff, and fellow entrepreneurs.

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Session Size Options Are:

  • 1-hour consulting time
  • More than 1-hour
  • Contact David directly for this.

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    Tell me what you would like to accomplish in your session and I will provide solid takeaways, give you direction and offer you trusted resources.

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    One-On-One Consultation

    I primarily use Zoom for my consultations. This allows you to join from any device or by phone. I will record the Zoom meeting unless you request otherwise.

    I Consult On-On-One With:

    I Can Help:

    How Sessions Work

    If you think you need more than an hour, I recommend we begin with this discovery session and then my hourly rate drops significantly once we have an established relationship.

    What to Expect


    My initial discovery consultation is $500 for 60 minutes.

    This fee includes:

    • A single appointment time up to 1 hour
    • Quick review of any material you believe will relevant to understand your situation (your website, blog, social media channels, network diagrams, or other material)
    • A video and audio recording of the meeting
    • Follow-up by email for one month after the consulting session

    The price is due up front in full prior to the session and remains the same no matter how much time is used.

    About David

    I respect that this is a signifcant investment you make when booking a consultation with me. Understand the value I am providing is from my long history and experience in the tech industry, my knowledge, my ability to cut through issues, see outside the box, and help provide you with direction. I still have many clients whom I am their tech advisor many years later. They like to book regular updates and follow-ups because they trust me as an advisor.

    I am a blogger, author, consultant, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, inventor, and professional engineer. I have numerous industry certifications and have over 25 years experience. I appear frequently on radio and TV to comment on tech related topics. I’ve created new products and services including inventing a board game accessory and produced a new card game, funded by running 4 successful crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter).


    “David provides practical, user-friendly tips on CyberSecurity and Social Media.”

    “David is an outstanding IT resource and I can recommend him unreservedly for network services and support and for web development (mobile and traditional).”

    “David Papp was exceptional, easy to listen to and very easy to follow along. I was disappointed when it was over. The session was very informative. I learnt things about google and facebook as well as the other social media options that I never knew before.”

    “David has an infectious energy and a friendly demeanor.”

    “Based on the info that I was shown in the session I now understand the different types of social networking tools and how they are used.”

    “I cannot recommend David highly enough. David has done everything from network audits to specialized wireless solutions to network setup/configuration. What I like most: he comes in, gets it done and leaves. Doesn’t sound like much? Try having 10 things mis-configured after someone fixes your one network problem!”

    “David is a creative solutions provider with a strong technical background, good people skills and high moral standards.”

    “Getting to know more than the business, getting to know the people, there needs, and what’s really going to help the entire organization. It’s more that getting a project going, it’s keeping it going. Reliably and within budget, this is the quality that David brought to us.”

    “I have worked with David since the mid 90’s in many capacities and relationships. David is one of the most inventive and successful network professionals I have met and delivers consistent and workable results every time regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of the problem being tackled. If you have network needs or challenges, David should be your preferred go-to specialist.”

    “David is an extraordinary person with a very high aptitude for solving complex server and network related issues. He has been my mentor since I first stepped into IT and I highly recommend David to anyone in need of a high level security/network(cisco)/unix consultant.”

    “Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

    “Lots of information I had never considered/known… Opened my eyes about what was available to be used by businesses”

    “Very Knowledgable about subject.”

    “He had information for those of us that think we know it all and those that are just getting started in this maze of social media. His advice was practical and engaging. Our only mistake was not keeping him here about an hour longer.”

    “I have a number of excellent takeaways from the session.”

    “David was extremely knowledgeable. The time we had with him definitely went by too fast.”

    “David is a Consultant/ Professional Engineer who’s worked on many telecommunication initiatives for various Edmonton primed companies.”

    “I have worked with David on a number of projects and have found him to be an excellent resource for any technical challenges we have required assistance with. David has been a resource that I have quite happily recommended”

    “David is dedicated to his work, always looking to expand his skill set and staying current with his accreditations. His problem solving skills and troubleshooting skills are well used by himself and his clients.”

    “David has a wealth of experience in the field of IT/Telecom having practiced extensively with high tech companies. In the past 15 years David has assessed 100’s of organizations best practices, policies and LAN /WAN infrastructures all over North America. David’s certifications are not only impressive but have helped him solidify as a hot commodity in the IT field because of the high quality and professionalism provided.”

    “I’ve known David Papp for nearly 15 years now when he provided our company with expert consulting and IT services. We have continued to contact David when we need a trusted and qualified opinion. In fact, he’s the first person we think of! David’s knowledge of IT is vast, his service is instant and is always delivered with care and interest. I highly recommend David Papp and we will continue to rely on his skill and professionalism.”


    No Investment Advice

    Any and all of the information provided or assumed during my consultations does not constitute any financial or investment advice or any other type of advice and you should not treat the content as such. Always do your homework! Conduct your own due diligence, consult with appropriate experts in the respected fields, and do not make any decisions without doing so.

    Accuracy of Information

    Attempts are made to provide accurate information however I cannot be held responsible for any wrong or missing information. You are using any and all of the information at your own risk.

    Understanding Risk

    You should only invest, spend, use money which you are willing to lose. Ensure you consult qualified advisers in their respective fields based on any information


    No refund policy. Appointments can only be rescheduled if you provide at a minimum of 2 business day’s notice, otherwise entire fee is forfeit and another booking fee is required for second consultation time.