4 Essential Differences Between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

There is no denying that technology has rapidly changed the way we go about our days. But one thing we may not have noticed so much is how technology has changed how we engage with technology overall.

I mean sure it might be so intuitive we don’t even notice it. But there’s a lot that’s changed. And one way to see that is taking a look at virtual reality and augmented reality. VR and AR.

Solar Sinter – 3D Printing in the Sun


Find yourself stuck in the desert and in need of a bowl, a hat, robotic arm, or maybe an art deco sculpture for the living room?

Markus Kayser may have the answer. He’s created a solar powered 3D printer you can use anywhere you can find sunlight. The “Solar Sinter” – a machine inspired by 3D laser printing – uses silica-rich sand instead of a polymer. The sun’s rays are used instead of a laser to melt sand and mold it into glass patterns.

It’s called Selective Laser Sintering – or SLS for short. It refers to the heating of powdered substance into liquid form.


Tested in the African Desert

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Saving animals using 3D printing technology

Out of all the latest technological breakthroughs during the past decade, 3D printing technology is one of the biggest game changers, if not the biggest.

With the way 3D tech is advancing these days, it’s not that hard to imagine a future where you’d never need to buy anything from stores or order online. All you’d have to do is choose something – anything – from your computer, click “print,” and have it materialize right in front of you, including food.

It goes much further beyond that, as well. In the medical industry, 3D tech is used to create highly precise prosthetics, and even bioprinted cells and tissues, helping combat disease, illness, and disability like never before.

3D technology is definitely the stuff of magic, and it’s not just for us humans, it’s helping millions of animals also.

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Makerarm – a super versatile 3D device that can make almost anything

Imagine a single device that can 3D print, carve, etch, mill, solder, plot, assemble, laser cut, and even ice a cake! A new device called Makerarm can do all that and more, anywhere on your workspace. Though still currently a Kickstarter campaign and not an actual product just yet, Makerarm promises to be a complete digital fabrication system that can create “just about anything.”

The device is a swivelling robotic “arm” that can be mounted onto a desk. It uses interchangeable tool heads to perform its wide variety of functions. It can also work in collaboration with another Makerarm to perform more complex tasks.

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