3D drawing pens in the market today

3D printing technology has reached new heights since it penetrated the mainstream market. Take 3D pens, for example, the handheld version of the technology. They’ve been generating a lot of buzz lately, with a number of independent companies and manufacturers competing to set themselves apart from each other and coming up with their own niches in the market.

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Printeer – the 3D printer that brings kids’ iPad sketches to life

3D printing technology, deemed as the technology of the future, is opening up new avenues of innovation and advancement in medicine and manufacturing. It will change the way we live and produce commodities such as food and other products forever – and now that 3D printing technology has become more accessible and affordable for consumers, even children can use it to explore their creativity.

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A New Twist on 3D Modeling

Even though 3-D printers are becoming more and more affordable, the much needed 3D modeling software is still proving to be extremely complex for the average consumer to manipulate. Sixense is a virtual reality software firm that is trying to make the user’s experience more intuitive and engaging by introducing the new MakeVR technology.

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