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Saudia Arabia just granted citizenship to a humanoid robot


Blade Runner, Ex Machina, Terminator… the Matrix… Have humans forgotten what happens when machines become self-aware, the great battles of humans vs machines… uh.. wait, those are all Hollywood movies. But is fiction approaching reality? My eyes popped out of my head when I read that a

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 Baxter, The Blushing Robot


Have you ever seen a robot blush?  Baxter, the chunky red robot with a face, can do that … when he makes a mistake.  But that’s OK – he’s learning.  He’s at school.  His teachers and trainers are a combined group from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial

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Compare these 15 Virtual Reality Headsets

VR Headsets are more commonly user with computer games, however they can be used for so many other exciting applications for simulation and training. Some headsets even have eye and head tracking sensors! Applications include: Architecture and Real Estate – The ability to be immersed in the

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The New Perdix Generation – Drones that Swarm


Micro-drones are now smarter than ever. While older drones were pre-programmed with individual missions, the new 6th generation Perdix drones operate in intelligent swarms. A recently released video shows a Perdix drop from last October. The Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO), working with Naval Systems Air Command and

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Google Translations Just Got Better with Artificial Intelligence


Leaping Forward with Neural Nets Ten years after introducing Translate, Google has made a major improvement. App users can now enjoy greater accuracy with several major foreign languages. They announced the good news mid-November: Google is now using Neural Machine Translation. A recent study testing the new

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