Control your Mac or PC using gestures in the air with Leap Motion

You may have heard of it by now, this little 3-inch controller that, once plugged into your computer, allows you to control apps with the smallest of gestures. Think Minority Report, sans the gloves. It’s all very cutting-edge, which is why there was a great deal of chatter in the tech world when the Leap Motion Controller was launched in 2013.

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Real-time Information Regarding People Around You – SocialRadar

There have been a number of apps that have tried to succeed in the providing information regarding your ambient location. SocialRadar works by providing you with real-time information regarding the people around you by connecting to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Foursquare accounts to pull information about locations and recent activities. Know who’s …

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New DP Blog App

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I just published a new personal app which basically accesses my latest blog articles on this site along with quick links to my social media accounts. In my opinion, the best part of the app is if you allow it to send you push notifications, it will notify you as new articles are posted. At the …

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