Android Platform Dominating Global Marketshare Due to Lower Cost


Android is quickly jumping right toward future dominance in the smartphone operating system market above all other competitors in the way. Unless you’re using an iPhone to text your friend, then the smartphone you carry is most likely powered and run by Google’s Android system. According to public reports from research firm “IDC”, Android’s marketshare grew all the way up to 81% of all smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2013, which is a staggering 10%+ increase from the previous year reaching a shipment volume well over 200 million units in that quarter alone.

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Smart Thermostats Part of Your Home Automation Strategy

Home automation and smart homes have been talked about for years. X10 has many different gadgets you could incorporate to control your lights and other devices. The Nest Thermostat is a fairly new piece of technology where it learns your habits. It programs itself to raise and drop the temperature depending if you are home or away. They also have a smartphone app and allow the ability to control remotely from a computer. The goal of smart homes is to save energy and run more efficiently driving down costs.

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BBM now available on both iOS and Android


Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app was released this week and there were over 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours. They are hoping to be one of the leading private social networks for people who need immediate communication and IM with privacy. You have the ability to share videos, images, and text in real time. You can also chat with groups as large as 30 people at once. That is definitely a nice feature. Other competitive apps would be WhatsApp which claim to have 350 million active users and also Kik Messenger with 80 million.

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Live Streaming From Your Mobile Phone Using “Hang w/” App

Interesting new app I just discovered that is available on both iOS and Android. It allows you to send live real-time video from your phone to many other phones. It is limited to 3-minutes of live-streaming video at once. It is free (as it is ad-sponsored). You can sign up, broadcast, follow and watch any “channel” for free. It is sort of like many of the social media sites out there where you can build up a follower base.

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10 Fun Boardgames to Play on your iPad, Great When Travelling!


Before travelling, always great to be prepared. Here is something to add to your checklist. Download boardgames which help for those long waits (airports, line-ups, keeping the kids busy). Many traditional boardgames have been brought over to phones and tablets. Due to the larger screen size, tablets are much better suited. Here is an alphabetical list of iPad apps to consider trying out.

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