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What to do if you’re locked out of your phone


If you’ve ever been locked out of your phone, you know how frustrating that can be.   In fact, there’s a new term for the anxiety people feel when they don’t have access to their phones – nomophobia. In a 2010 British study, a full 53% of

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How Safe Is Your Data From Ransomware?


It announces its presence with a giant screensaver announcing that ALL your files are completely locked up.  And in 72 hours the perpetrator will throw away the key. Or you suddenly view a “surveillance” webcam-selfie with an official warning that you’re wanted by the FBI.  A message

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Seagate now shipping 8TB hard drives


Years ago we could have never imagined this kind of storage space in a single drive, 8 Terabytes! Seagate is now shipping these drives in a 3.5″ form factor for only $260 USD. It is a bit slower than many SATA drives at 5900 rpm and 150

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Make memories last: properly archive your photos

digital archive

Ah, file storage. The perennial problem of having to organize digital photos and making sure that they’re easily located for future reference is a dilemma that a lot of us face – and most especially by those among us who are trigger happy or just plain sentimental

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Personal Waterproof and Fireproof Data Vault


Backing up your data has become even more important than ever. We have irreplaceable digital memories in the form of photos and videos along with important personal data that need to be properly backed up. One option is the automatically backup your files offsite. This is not

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World’s Highest Capacity Hard Drive now at 6TB


The UltraStar He6 is the latest in storage technology by sealing helium (symbol He) into the drive enclosure. This drive is boasting the world’s largest capacity drive at 6 TeraBytes. This was announced by HGST which is a Western Digital subsidiary. It will fit within a standard

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