Now You Can Have Instant Translation Right in Your Ear with Mymanu’s Clik


Foreign Travel Just Got Easier

Imagine traveling through Thailand for the first time … and understanding what others are saying. You even understand the other tourists – whether they’re speaking in Thai, German, or Russian! There’s no more frantic rustling through travel phrasebooks. You don’t need to hire a personal translator.  You don’t even have to stare into your smartphone screen app. You can give full attention to the person who’s speaking.


A Little Earbud that Does Wonders

Clik is a wireless earbud from Manchester-based company, Mymanu. The Bluetooth-compatible device promises translation of 37 different languages in real time. Without wires, and without hiring experts.

It fits right into your ear and identifies the language being spoken.  Then it instantly converts everything into your own language. If you’re a Doug Adams fan, you may be thinking of the babel fish. In case you never read his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that’s the tiny creature that fed off brain waves to translate alien language. It smoothed galactic travel … except when it also translated insults and accidentally started wars.

Thankfully, the Clik isn’t yellow and leech like – and it won’t make you say “Eurgh” when you stick it in your ear. On the contrary, the sleek, high-tech device comes in black and white models. Choose from among 3 silicone tips for a comfortable fit and the best listening experience.

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Under the hood of an Intel 2-in-1 Laptop / Tablet

I recently obtained an Acer R3-471T-5448. Do I call it a laptop or a tablet? Really it is the best of both worlds. I call it a convertible 14″ touchscreen personal device – a comfortable size to carry around. It has a 10-point touch display which I find to be quite intuitive. Intel has been pushing out 2-in-1‘s which are helping bridge the gap between both world (laptops and tablets). There are 4 different ways it can be used: as a laptop/notebook, propped up like a tent so everyone can see, used as a tablet/pad, or as a display. This is achieved by using a 360 dual torque hinge which is very versatile.

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Meet Bluesmart, the Smartest Luggage Ever


A group of tech experts and designers over at Silicon Valley have pushed the envelope further when it comes to travelling. Welcome to the era of the “smart” luggage, brought to you by start-up company Bluesmart. Its brainchild, the Bluesmart, promises to “empower travelers, making the world a smarter, more connected planet.”

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