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11 Choices to Discover Your Perfect Messaging App


What’s your messaging personality? Do you want to send secure and anonymous messages, make your own memes, or chat with your favorite 200 friends all at once? Whatever your preference, there’s an app for you. Check out these 11 choices to see which fits your personality and

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How Safe Is Your Data From Ransomware?


It announces its presence with a giant screensaver announcing that ALL your files are completely locked up.  And in 72 hours the perpetrator will throw away the key. Or you suddenly view a “surveillance” webcam-selfie with an official warning that you’re wanted by the FBI.  A message

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Important facts about encryption on smartphones

phone security tips

With recent security and privacy issues resulting from the San Bernardino iPhone dispute, it’s a good time to learn more about encryption. What is encryption? Basically encryption is a method used to secure information stored on any electronic device. This includes data such as text messages, photos,

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What is the dark web (aka deep web, deepnet, hidden web, invisible web, undernet)?


Many of you have likely heard the terms dark web, deep web, deepnet, hidden web, invisible web, or undernet in some of your discussions, books, or even movies. This is another layer of World Wide Web (WWW) content that exists on these darknets which is overlayed using

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Online shopping tips

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Are Self-Driving Cars Hackable?


Driverless cars are definitely the stuff of sci-fi movies. Think about this scenario for a second: a highway full of cars driven by artificial intelligence zooming along lanes at controlled speeds, all of them avoiding accidents by wirelessly communicating with other cars. Sounds awesome, right? Umm… However,

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