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Save Time with Facebook’s New Inbox for Business – Instagram and Chats in One Place


Life is getting easier for social media managers. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are all coming together. Facebook Business users will be able to read and respond to messages from all three platforms. And it’s all happening in their new Page Manager inbox. Facebook and Instagram have been

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Preparing your online social legacy

We caution our children about the digital paper trails we leave. We need to be aware of what gets posted online, who can see it, and how things can be easily taken out of context. Another problem that is starting to manifest itself is our online legacy.

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5 ways to secure your Facebook account


Facebook has many security measures in place that help protect user accounts, but what are some of the things you can do to make your account extra secure?

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Why Hackers Love Social Media


It’s undeniable that social media has become part of the lives of us 21st century human beings. We regularly update our Twitter accounts to air our 140-character thoughts or updates, and carefully curate our Instagram feeds. We’re constantly on Facebook for updates from our friends and family

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I dislike Facebook’s idea for a new Dislike button


Mark Zuckerburg announced Facebook’s new Dislike button which will be coming soon to a Facebook page near you. I understand what sparked this, it is the awkward moment you have when someone posts some bad news (natural disaster or death of a loved one) and you really

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Improvements with Facebook Messenger


Facebook has come a long way with its Messenger feature. The company opted to put its instant messaging capabilities on a separate app that users have to download on their mobile phones and it seems that this move was strategic. It has allowed them to introduce more

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