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Is Your Browser Telling You Everything? How Web Domains Aren’t Always What You Think

Developer Xudong Zheng created a web page to educate people about a new security threat online. The danger was rooted in the weaknesses of several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. He found that web addresses could have one appearance while being registered as something completely different.

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New High-Tech Credit Card Scam Alert – Shimmers

credit card

Thieves have come up with yet another way to scam our credit cards. Law enforcement are finding slim plastic cards with electronics inside POS (point of sale) terminals. We were concerned before by skimmers where waiters could quickly scan your credit card into a pager sized device

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What to do with all your holiday gift cards and avoid being scammed

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What to do with all of your holiday gift cards and avoid being scammed

gift cards

Gifts cards are now very popular gift choices and have become a new form of currency. There are estimates of $130 billion worth of gift cards in 2015 (North America) of which easily $1 billion or more sit around and collect dust. APPS AND WEBSITES

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Why Hackers Love Social Media


It’s undeniable that social media has become part of the lives of us 21st century human beings. We regularly update our Twitter accounts to air our 140-character thoughts or updates, and carefully curate our Instagram feeds. We’re constantly on Facebook for updates from our friends and family

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Online shopping tips

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