Smart Lenses to Help You See Exponentially Better


A very serious condition that affects our eyesight as we grow older is age-related macular degeneration, more commonly known as AMD. This condition affects the macula, which forms a tiny part of our eyes’ retinas. Basically, the macula is the part that’s responsible for our central vision – it’s what allows us to focus on the bull’s-eye on a dartboard or to thread a needle. People with AMD usually experience dark areas, blurriness, or distortion in their central vision. This condition is one of the leading causes of blindness all over the world with very limited options for treatment until now.

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Depth-sensing cameras using Intel RealSense technology


Intel is has been rolling out a new technology called RealSense. They are taking perceptual computing to the next level by interpreting sensory inputs and movement for different applications. They achieve this using their 3D depth-sensing cameras in RealSense enabled devices. This exciting new technology has been Intel’s big highlight at CES rather than focusing on chip advancements.

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Future tech: computer screens that adjust to your vision

These days, we spend hours in front of monitors and screens. In fact, it’s something that most of us don’t even notice anymore since it has become such an integral part of our everyday lives. We sit in front of our computer at work, constantly look at our smartphones throughout the day, and watch television for long periods at a time. This constant screen-time has been proven to cause eyestrain, and this is something that has harmful effects on our eyesight over time. Now many of us have to resort to wearing glasses or contact lenses just so we can see what’s on our screens – but what if we don’t have to?

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