SpaceX leading race to Mars and you can travel anywhere on earth in only 45 minutes!



South African-born entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed more details about his plans to make humans a multi-planet species with the announcement of SpaceX’s largest and most ambitious rocket yet, the BFR.

“You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is great, and that’s what being a spacefaring civilization is all about.” – Elon Musk

Spacex BFR launch

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All Wi-Fi now hackable – this affects everyone!

This topic is so serious, I feel obliged to tell as many people as possible. This affects everyone! An extremely serious vulnerability has been exposed affecting everyone. We all use WiFi and we are all vulnerable to this latest attack.   KRACK ATTACK Two Belgian researchers discovered a vulnerability in the WiFi protocol (last year! …

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Many online learning opportunities, even Hollywood-style


eLearning has really exploded and continues to grow at accelerated rates.  It is great for people at home who want to learn new skills, how to do their own repairs, general curiosity and opens up big opportunities for developing countries as well.  The number one search term on YouTube is “How To”.  We are seeing a rise in learning tools, learning management systems (LMS), authoring tools, content development products and services, and other systems particular to this huge industry.



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Breathalyzer… how about Textalyzer?

Texting and driving are becoming big campaigns globally for awareness and definitely with reason. Someone people don’t even look when they are walking and crossing the street. There are apps that help in locking your phone when it detects movement over a certain speed and apps that can send automatic responses indicating your are unable …

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Clean Tech: Solar Roof Savings Calculator

Can Google Help You Make Money with Your Roof? Have you ever thought about going solar? Do you just need a new roof?  Or maybe you’re old enough to remember all those 70’s oil crisis stories about selling energy back to the power companies … Now you can see what’s possible with Google’s Project Sunroof. …

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7 Tech Trends to Watch in 2017


As summer heats up, keep your eye on these hot tech trends. Some may even come in handy for your summer barbeque.

latest tech

1 – Get everything instantly

We already enjoy the luxury of streaming movies on demand   Waiting for the big broadcast networks to schedule everything will soon seem quaint – like listening to Victrolas and transistor radios.

We expect rocket-fast service now more than ever. Uber allows us to hail cabs instantly. Amazon Prime now delivers a growing number of items in 24 hours.  Need it faster?  Instacart provides 2-hour grocery delivery.  And about that barbeque …  Postmates is positioned to deliver your meat, ketchup, invitations, and grill from your local businesses in minutes.

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