Compare these 15 Virtual Reality Headsets

VR Headsets are more commonly user with computer games, however they can be used for so many other exciting applications for simulation and training. Some headsets even have eye and head tracking sensors!

Applications include:

  • Architecture and Real Estate – The ability to be immersed in the new building or room, have 360 degree views and it really helps you better understand scale. Some things look big on paper but in reality are too small.
  • Education and Tourism – Great for history, geology, geography and previewing potential holiday locations.
  • Automotive and Flight Simulators – Car designers are using this in addition to pilots to better refine their handling skills
  • Medical – Practice before surgery and some of their simulators even have haptic feedback so you can feel the amount of pressure required

virtual reality

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Radho walk through video review of my UberStax


Radho did a walk through video review of my UberStax universal game piece holders. This is a new product I invented as a gaming accessory and listed it on Kickstarter in the fall of 2015 and are now available for sale through game retailers. Funds were successfully raised for the creation of the injection moulds …

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Google’s AlphaGo AI defeats one of world’s top Go players

AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence (AI) program created by Google and got its fourth win against a master player in the final match of this year’s DeepMind Challenge which was held in Seoul this March.

It won against Lee Sedol, a nine-dan ranked professional player and one of the world’s best Go players. Sedol managed to win just one (out of a possible five) of the matches against the program, failing to take home the $1 million prize that was up for grabs. The prize was instead donated by Google to UNICEF, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) charities, and other Go organizations.

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My First Kickstarter Campaign – UberStax!


I’ve always wanted to try something on the very popular crowdfunding website known as Kickstarter. It’s an amazing way of presenting a fresh idea to a community who are looking to support innovation. This is my first Kickstarter project, and something I’m very excited about!

It’s called überStax, an accessory for anyone playing table top games. Young, old, families, and gamers. After designing numerous prototypes over the course of a year, I created a simple universal piece that snaps together with other pieces, becoming a purposeful ‘rack’ used to place cards, tiles, miniatures, or other game pieces during any gameplay.

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