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How to Avoid Common Laptop-to-Projector Problems in Your Next Presentation


You’ve flown into town, checked into the hotel, and you’re scheduled to speak at the conference in 3 hours.  You want everything to go smoothly.  The last thing you need is trouble with your PowerPoint presentation. From blank screens to unwanted audio interference, tech problems plague speakers

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5 ways to secure your Facebook account


Facebook has many security measures in place that help protect user accounts, but what are some of the things you can do to make your account extra secure?

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Google releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines first time ever!


Google has just released their Search Quality Rating Guidelines and handbook for the first time ever. It is not surprising that an increasing amount of Google searches now occur on mobile devices compared to desktop computers. As we have seen earlier this year, Google continues to make

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Tech Hacks to Improve Your Work/Life Balance


Are you struggling to maintain a balance between work and play? Here are some tech hacks to help you make the most of your time in and out of the workplace.

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15 Quick Tips for a Great PowerPoint Presentation


I was asked to come up with tips on making a good PowerPoint presentation. Being a public speaker, I thought this was a great blog topic with random points I feel are important for a great presentation. The focus of the presentation is not PowerPoint, you should

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Enhance your Firefox browsing experience


Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that has long remained at the top in the battle of Internet web browsers. It is very fast when it comes to speed and has plenty of great downloadable add-ons and customizable options in its arsenal as well. While it’s already

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