15 Quick Tips for a Great PowerPoint Presentation


I was asked to come up with tips on making a good PowerPoint presentation. Being a public speaker, I thought this was a great blog topic with random points I feel are important for a great presentation. The focus of the presentation is not PowerPoint, you should be able to give the presentation without any visual aids. Here are 15 quick tips I came up with to consider.

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Enhance your Firefox browsing experience


Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that has long remained at the top in the battle of Internet web browsers. It is very fast when it comes to speed and has plenty of great downloadable add-ons and customizable options in its arsenal as well.

While it’s already great as is, a little tweaking and knowledge of a few shortcuts will give you a buttery-smooth Firefox browsing experience. Read on to find out how you can maximize your use of this open-source browser.

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How to maximize YouTube’s new 3-second intro feature

Okay, so 3 seconds isn’t a whole lot of time, but it is possible to make a lasting impression even in that very short time span. Just think of that breathless last 3 second countdown before a rocket launch, for example. Adding a 3 second intro to your YouTube videos, brief though it may be, will help you make your channel’s branding more consistent. The best part? It’s extremely easy to do and you won’t have any problems following the steps even if you’re new to this whole YouTube creation gig.

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3D Selfies

These days you see so many people taking selfie pictures. Wouldn’t it be interesting to send someone a different type of “picture” of yourself? You now have the capability of doing just that with this mixture of new technologies.

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