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You are being monitored and recorded

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Who is listening to you and recording everything?


Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and now Barbie. Google has admitted to scanning your personal Gmail accounts to target ads based on common keywords found. They also record a lot of information “for your convenience” if you make are logged into Google or use a Chromebook. This includes

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Online shopping tips

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12 Fraud Awareness Tips to Protect Yourself Online

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With the holiday season approaching, this year is set to break records for the number of purchases made online. In addition to all of the gifts to be bought, parties to be booked, and special little “I deserve it” purchases, there may be a few surprises lurking

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Fingerprint theft: Should we be concerned?


Before touch identification-based security was introduced, most of our smartphones required only a passcode or a pattern to unlock. Now, after Apple introduced its Touch ID system, it seems more and more smartphone companies are integrating fingerprint-scanning technology to their models.

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PayPal’s giant contribution to CyberSecurity


Six years ago, in an effort to protect their customers, PayPal came up with a brilliant idea that turned out to be an effective solution against fraudulent email senders and domain spoofers. The company enlisted the help of industry behemoths like Google, Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo, and

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