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PayPal’s giant contribution to CyberSecurity


Six years ago, in an effort to protect their customers, PayPal came up with a brilliant idea that turned out to be an effective solution against fraudulent email senders and domain spoofers. The company enlisted the help of industry behemoths like Google, Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others, and together, they created an open Internet method called the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance specification, also known as DMARC.

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Should you be worried about the Superfish security issue?

When Lenovo shipped some of their notebook products worldwide last year, some users discovered they came with a piece of pre-installed tracking software. The software, Superfish, was created by a company of the same name, which apparently paid Lenovo “very minor compensation” to be able to install the software on their computer models.

Why is this a big deal?
Superfish pushes ads on the laptop owner’s browser. While this is mildly annoying, that’s not the problem. The big issue in the words of one of the first users who discovered the adware:
“[Superfish] will hijack ALL your secure web connections (SSL/TLS) by using self-signed root certificate authority, making it look legitimate to the browser.”

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Quick Tips to Help Protect Kids Online

Surfing the Internet is a risky activity for kids and as parents you have to monitor your children’s Internet interactions. The best way to protect kids online is to make sure they do not go on the Internet without adult supervision. However this is not always practical and the following tips below will give you more ideas.

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Mortgage Fraud, one of the fastest growing financial crimes. Check out these prevention tips.

Mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing financial crimes! In 2011/2012, mortgages, the largest portion of household debt, were at about $8 trillion in the US, £140 billion in the UK, and $1 trillion in Canada. The portion representing mortgage fraud was an estimated $35 billion worth in the US, £1 billion in the UK, and $400 million in Canada.

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