Microsoft skips Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10

As a follow-up to Windows 8, Microsoft has released a preview of its newest operating system (launching next year) – and they’re calling it Windows 10.

During a live demo event that happened last September, Microsoft VPs Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson presented the newest version of their operating system. Here are just some of Windows 10’s features:

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Microsoft to acquire Minecraft-maker Mojang for $2.5 billion

Minecraft has been creating waves ever since its release by the independent Swedish video game company Mojang. In this sandbox (or open world) indie game, players get to create worlds and do whatever they want by placing or breaking blocks. There are no specific goals; it’s really all about how you want to play it – and this is something that has proven wildly successful as indicated by Mojang’s steady rise in revenues as well as the huge following that the game has developed. So it’s far from surprising why tech giant Microsoft would pay $2.5 billion dollars to get its hands on it.

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