Quick Tips to Help Protect Kids Online

Surfing the Internet is a risky activity for kids and as parents you have to monitor your children’s Internet interactions. The best way to protect kids online is to make sure they do not go on the Internet without adult supervision. However this is not always practical and the following¬†tips below will give you more ideas.

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Do you need Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware programs on your Mac?

Well I suppose it really depends on you and exactly what you do, or maybe it really doesn’t? Are you the kind of person who constantly and wildly installs and runs random programs they come across? Or are you the kind of person to come across an application and do a quick google search first?

Hard-core and constant Mac users sometimes claim that malware scanners offer a lot more potential harm than they do good, especially considering the massive lack of malware apps for OS X. However, this statement contradicts those who may not have the ability to avoid all potential avenues of attack and infection on their systems.

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Basic Tips to Secure Your Smartphone

Smartphones have now become a major necessity for many people whenever they want to maintain contact with their loved ones and friends. But when these major necessities have been lost or stolen, your personal security is always at risk. All important information saved in your Smartphone can have the tendency to be used illegally with your identity being used by the person who have stolen or found your phone.

But these worries are sure to be minimized or eliminated when you follow the security features of your phone. If you are one of those who want to keep their Smartphone secure, then do the following tips:

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Automatically Backup Your Files Offsite (BackBlaze, CrashPlan, MyPCBackup, Mozy, iDrive)


Today we rely on our laptops, desktops, and handheld digital devices more so than any other time in history. Accidents and unforeseen system failures are inevitable, which requires the need for a reliable automatic online backup system to protect our documents, music files, images, and all other forms of personal and professional data to be stored in an offsite location for instant retrieval.

Any form of digital device with a hard drive has the potential to become corrupted or to begin to fail. For those without an efficient file recovery system in place, what usually follows is chaos, panic, and fear. Luckily, we now have several options available that provide significant protection against these types of unanticipated circumstances. BackBlaze, CrashPlan, MyPCBackup, Mozy, and iDrive are examples of these types of offsite file storage systems that offer a wide range of special features and benefits.

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LastPass – your personal password vault


We are plagued by the necessity to have a multitude of passwords. Some sites have basic complexity requirements and others do not. Some require you to change your password on a regular basis. Keeping track of all these passwords can be a nightmare. LastPass is a personal password vault that helps make your web browsing easier and more secure.

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