Best Free and Paid Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Cameras on phones have come a long way from where they once were. What started as cheap discount cameras, the latest models of Android, Google, and iPhone cameras pack enough power that’s comparable to DSLR cameras. It makes sense that people want to be taking more pictures with these cameras. However, a lot of those …

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How To Rescue A Soaking Wet Smartphone

This situation could happen at any moment. An unexpected thunderstorm, a “waterproof” case leaking, or you get clumsy in the bathroom. These situations happen all the time and it results in a smartphone getting soaking wet. However just because your phone is wet, it doesn’t mean your phone is lost and you’ll need to get …

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15 Strategies To Grow An Instagram Audience

Social media is and has been a marketing gold mine for businesses across the world (and more). Virtually anyone can build a brand through the hundreds of social media platforms available. One of the largest and most successful ones is of course Instagram.

10 Apps That Protect Your Security

With mobile devices becoming the go to device for internet access, we have to address some of the issues that our computers have dealt with in the past: viruses and security threats. The big problem with this is not that many people have security in mind when they whip out their phone.