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Compare these 15 Virtual Reality Headsets

VR Headsets are more commonly user with computer games, however they can be used for so many other exciting applications for simulation and training. Some headsets even have eye and head tracking sensors! Applications include: Architecture and Real Estate – The ability to be immersed in the

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Parents Are in Control with Google’s Family Link


Here’s good news for parents of kids 12 and under. Google has created a way for young children to have their very own parent-controlled accounts. The new Family Link program offers a safer online experience that gives kids both freedom and safety. According to Influence Central’s 2016

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Now You Can Have Instant Translation Right in Your Ear with Mymanu’s Clik


Foreign Travel Just Got Easier Imagine traveling through Thailand for the first time … and understanding what others are saying. You even understand the other tourists – whether they’re speaking in Thai, German, or Russian! There’s no more frantic rustling through travel phrasebooks. You don’t need to

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What to do if you’re locked out of your phone


If you’ve ever been locked out of your phone, you know how frustrating that can be.   In fact, there’s a new term for the anxiety people feel when they don’t have access to their phones – nomophobia. In a 2010 British study, a full 53% of

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“Just Walk Out” With Amazon Go

shopping cart

Imagine just walking into a store, looking at your cell phone, and putting everything you want in your own bag or cart. Then imagine walking out of the store. There are no lines and no cashiers. You don’t linger idly by a barrage of Enquirer magazines or

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The Future is Here: Smart Home Technology


If you grew up with the Jetsons, you may have envied George and Jane for their robotic servants, conveyor belt dressing, and food on demand.  Everything was automated … even the dog, if you saw the 80s version (the original season aired from 1962-3). Envy no more,

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