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5 Social Media Privacy Tips for Business and Pleasure

Do you use social media for business, pleasure, or both?  Many treat platforms like Facebook and Instagram as big popularity contests.  Amassing huge numbers of followers can be personally exhilarating – whether you want to feel like a rock star or build out a business.  However, it can also expose you to personal risk.

For example, even if you share posts and photos only with people you know and trust, those connections may not always cultivate awareness about sharing your information with others.  And even after you delete posts, others will still have access and the ability to keep sharing.  This is true on almost every social media platform.  

In general, it’s best to assume that anything you ever share has the potential to be seen by anyone, anywhere.

Being aware of how things are shared and what privacy settings are available can help you get the most out of your favorite platforms while staying safe and safeguarding your safety, privacy, and reputation.

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Will Snap’s New Video Recording Spectacles Create Hot Privacy Concerns?

We’re about to meet Spectacles, the newest form of wearable tech from the freshly reinvented Snap, Inc. (i.e. Snapchat) coming out this fall.

Branded as “Sunglasses that Snap,” they will be available in 3 popular colors – black, teal, and coral. Spectacles sport fashionably round lenses that move wearables past the tech-geek look we had with the now-hibernating Google Glass.

This is no surprise. Vergence, the company Snap quietly acquired in 2014, produced Epiphany Eyewear. Their $399 rival to Google Glass had an almost Blues-Brothers-Ray-Ban vibe going. As with the Epiphany version, recording on Spectacles starts with the press of a button. And thick frames conceal all the fancy hardware.

The official promo video introduces the new shades with a skateboard action video.  The 115-degree angle lenses give a life-like view that plays on a theme of reliving good memories.  At the same time, first-person stunt views suggest durable and sports-ready frames.

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Preparing your online social legacy

We caution our children about the digital paper trails we leave. We need to be aware of what gets posted online, who can see it, and how things can be easily taken out of context. Another problem that is starting to manifest itself is our online legacy. What happens to our social media accounts when we pass away? Can our family access them or are they simply online forever stuck in limbo?

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