Under the hood of an Intel 2-in-1 Laptop / Tablet

I recently obtained an Acer R3-471T-5448. Do I call it a laptop or a tablet? Really it is the best of both worlds. I call it a convertible 14″ touchscreen personal device – a comfortable size to carry around. It has a 10-point touch display which I find to be quite intuitive. Intel has been pushing out 2-in-1‘s which are helping bridge the gap between both world (laptops and tablets). There are 4 different ways it can be used: as a laptop/notebook, propped up like a tent so everyone can see, used as a tablet/pad, or as a display. This is achieved by using a 360 dual torque hinge which is very versatile.

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Google Mobilegeddon live April 21

I have been preaching quite heavily especially in the past couple years to either have a separate mobile friendly website ( or even better yet a responsive website. A responsive website “responds” to the width of the screen viewing it to display all of the elements in a more friendly fashion. This is done by stacking elements, shrinking images or removing them, and displaying a mobile/touch friendly menu. That way your website looks good on desktop computers, tablets, and also smartphones. Many websites on the Internet are still not mobile friendly which is frustrating for the user experience, sometimes almost unusable. On many sites, the inbound traffic is now over 50% accessed by mobile devices. If they can’t easily find what they are looking for, they leave (bounce) away from the website and look at a different one. In the past this only affected overall usability however Google is now unleashing a major algorithm update taking effect on April 21st which many in the industry have nicknamed Mobilegeddon.

Google’s secret sauce will now take into effect the mobile-friendliness of a website, whether it has a separate or is responsive. Google has made it clear that it will now have a significant impact in their search results. The idea is that people will be happier with their Google search results if Google sends them to websites that are not only relevant but easier to navigate on the particular device they are viewing it. Otherwise people would “blame” Google for giving them search results that aren’t as good.


How can you test your website to see if it is mobile friendly? Use this Google tool:

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Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your Mobile Device


Is there anything more annoying than that “No More Storage Space” notification? Especially when you’re seconds away from losing that image that’s just begging to be captured.

These things usually take up the most space: applications, pictures, videos and music. If you don’t want to run the risk of having limited memory on your device again, below are just some suggestions to help you keep your smartphones’ and tablets’ space optimized.

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Depth-sensing cameras using Intel RealSense technology


Intel is has been rolling out a new technology called RealSense. They are taking perceptual computing to the next level by interpreting sensory inputs and movement for different applications. They achieve this using their 3D depth-sensing cameras in RealSense enabled devices. This exciting new technology has been Intel’s big highlight at CES rather than focusing on chip advancements.

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Recharge your smartphone to 100% in 5 minutes with new lithium-ion battery


When it comes to electronic devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, battery life is one of the biggest issues consumers rant about.

If you’re one of these people – and if you use a smartphone regularly then you probably are – good news! Your battery life woes will soon be a thing of the past. Researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed a groundbreaking new lithium-ion battery technology that can charge your phone to up to 70% in as fast as two minutes.

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