HDMI 2.0 with 4K support up to 60 fps

HDMI specifications are overseen by the HDMI Forum, a non-profit industry consortium. They announced version 2.0 which includes a number of changes. The most recent version is 1.4 and likely that is what most of your equipment is including your cables. They say that 2.0 will not require new cables. However chances are your equipment …

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Top 10 YouTube Videos by Most Views (as of October 16, 2013)


I updated the stats in my social media presentations and these are the top 10 YouTube videos by most views as of October 16, 2013. Not too long ago Charlie was number 1. It is the oldest video in this list and the only non-music viral video. I have also included the upload dates to YouTube for each of these videos.

1. PSY – Gangham Style
Uploaded July 15, 2012

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6 Million Space Bars Pressed Every Second Around the Globe

One of my favorite YouTube channels that I watch is Michael with Vsauce. I love the amount of research he puts into his topics and his presentation style. His videos are usually around 5-12 minutes in length and quite thought provoking. He says “Our World is Amazing” and I couldn’t agree more!

One of his videos (see below) is regarding the how often people type on computers or send text messages around the world. The letter “e” is the most common representing 9% of all letters typed and the space bar represents twice that amount. His conclusion, the space bar is being pressed 6 million times per second around the world. If you ever feel alone, just press the space bar and know you aren’t typing alone. Lol.

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GoPro Hero3 Video Camera, a must for all adventure sports!

I bought the original version of the GoPro Hero camera many years ago and it has seen some great use. They recently released their latest version, the Hero3, which is even more amazing! The “first person” wide angle video produces excellent recordings especially for action and adventure. I have used it snorkeling, tubing, water skiing, downhill skiing, quadding, bicycling along with various mounts (helmet, chest, vehicle). There are remote control cars and helicopters equipped to carry it. You can now control it using a Wifi-based remote and watch it live using your smartphone.

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Royalty Free Music for your next presentation or YouTube video


We all need music from time to time for websites, slideshows, YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations and such. Choosing the right music makes a huge difference to the impact. You need to be aware of any licensing issues that may haunt you regarding the music you decide to use. Avoid being liable for financial loss and costly litigation. Some sites allow you to use the music for personal use and others also allow commercial. Several have different license pricing based on how you use it. There are a number of sites available out there. Most have very limited selections. Here are a few sites to check out the next time you are looking. The key is to look for “royalty free”  music to avoid getting in trouble. You can also search for “Creative Commons License” which is being used by artists.

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