4 Essential Differences Between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

There is no denying that technology has rapidly changed the way we go about our days. But one thing we may not have noticed so much is how technology has changed how we engage with technology overall.

I mean sure it might be so intuitive we don’t even notice it. But there’s a lot that’s changed. And one way to see that is taking a look at virtual reality and augmented reality. VR and AR.

7 Tech Trends to Watch in 2017


As summer heats up, keep your eye on these hot tech trends. Some may even come in handy for your summer barbeque.

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1 – Get everything instantly

We already enjoy the luxury of streaming movies on demand   Waiting for the big broadcast networks to schedule everything will soon seem quaint – like listening to Victrolas and transistor radios.

We expect rocket-fast service now more than ever. Uber allows us to hail cabs instantly. Amazon Prime now delivers a growing number of items in 24 hours.  Need it faster?  Instacart provides 2-hour grocery delivery.  And about that barbeque …  Postmates is positioned to deliver your meat, ketchup, invitations, and grill from your local businesses in minutes.

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“The Internet of Us” – How One Company is Embracing RFID


It only takes seconds to become a cyborg.

Jowan Osterlund has helped more than 1500 people make the leap.  And he does it with tiny, rice-sized capsules. Each has its own power source and microchip that transmits information by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). At one festival, the biohacker and body piercing specialist even injected tiny, glowing LED lights in the arms of enthusiastic attendees.

The ID chip is injected into the fleshy part of the hand between the thumb and forefinger with a syringe. The tiny capsules feature NFC technology (Near Field Communications).  Only a device centimeters away can read any information.

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Compare these 15 Virtual Reality Headsets

VR Headsets are more commonly user with computer games, however they can be used for so many other exciting applications for simulation and training. Some headsets even have eye and head tracking sensors!

Applications include:

  • Architecture and Real Estate – The ability to be immersed in the new building or room, have 360 degree views and it really helps you better understand scale. Some things look big on paper but in reality are too small.
  • Education and Tourism – Great for history, geology, geography and previewing potential holiday locations.
  • Automotive and Flight Simulators – Car designers are using this in addition to pilots to better refine their handling skills
  • Medical – Practice before surgery and some of their simulators even have haptic feedback so you can feel the amount of pressure required

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Now You Can Have Instant Translation Right in Your Ear with Mymanu’s Clik


Foreign Travel Just Got Easier

Imagine traveling through Thailand for the first time … and understanding what others are saying. You even understand the other tourists – whether they’re speaking in Thai, German, or Russian! There’s no more frantic rustling through travel phrasebooks. You don’t need to hire a personal translator.  You don’t even have to stare into your smartphone screen app. You can give full attention to the person who’s speaking.


A Little Earbud that Does Wonders

Clik is a wireless earbud from Manchester-based company, Mymanu. The Bluetooth-compatible device promises translation of 37 different languages in real time. Without wires, and without hiring experts.

It fits right into your ear and identifies the language being spoken.  Then it instantly converts everything into your own language. If you’re a Doug Adams fan, you may be thinking of the babel fish. In case you never read his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that’s the tiny creature that fed off brain waves to translate alien language. It smoothed galactic travel … except when it also translated insults and accidentally started wars.

Thankfully, the Clik isn’t yellow and leech like – and it won’t make you say “Eurgh” when you stick it in your ear. On the contrary, the sleek, high-tech device comes in black and white models. Choose from among 3 silicone tips for a comfortable fit and the best listening experience.

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