Flexible, printable, rechargeable, batteries are on the horizon


As smartphones get even smarter, screen resolutions clearer, processing speeds faster and 3D graphics more and more lifelike, one aspect that hasn’t really changed all that much in the ever-evolving technological landscape are batteries. Though lithium-ion battery manufacturers constantly find ways to increase energy efficiency, performance, and capacity, we haven’t really experienced any major breakthroughs in battery technology. Until recently, that is.

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Sony unveils e-paper watch


Technology plays a role in so many things in our everyday lives that it doesn’t come as a surprise that visionaries and developers are continuously coming up with concepts that make fashion play a larger role in the tech industry. Enter wearable technology. Alright, it’s not a new concept, but experimentation on the use of different materials for gadgets is pretty awesome. Japanese electronics giant Sony’s e-paper watch is definitely worth looking at.

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