All Wi-Fi now hackable – this affects everyone!

This topic is so serious, I feel obliged to tell as many people as possible. This affects everyone! An extremely serious vulnerability has been exposed affecting everyone. We all use WiFi and we are all vulnerable to this latest attack.   KRACK ATTACK Two Belgian researchers discovered a vulnerability in the WiFi protocol (last year! …

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Parents Are in Control with Google’s Family Link


Here’s good news for parents of kids 12 and under. Google has created a way for young children to have their very own parent-controlled accounts. The new Family Link program offers a safer online experience that gives kids both freedom and safety.

According to Influence Central’s 2016 Digital Trends Study, kids are getting their first smartphones at an average age of 10.3-years-old. 64% have online access with their own laptops or tablets. And tablets are replacing tic-tac-toe and DVDs to make up 55% of family road trip entertainment.

Parents can now moderate their kids’ activities and information-sharing online by requesting an invite to the Family Link early access program. Once approved, they can create an account for each child and start using the free app.

A parent and one other adult can use the app on almost any android cellphone or tablet. Family Link allows a full range of control. At the same time, it encourages parents and kids to talk about online choices.

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Google Website Testing

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Everyone wants their website to be on the first page of Google search results. It’s a very difficult thing to achieve and search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important online science, though unfortunately many employ smoke and mirror tactics as they don’t understand it.

Google has daily minor updates to its search algorithm with major updates occurring several times a year. One of the latest major factors announced was regarding how mobile-friendly your website is.

There are many testing tools out there. A recent new one added to the mix is (which is free):


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Top 4 free sites for website building and hosting

These days, building your own website has never been easier. Whether you’re trying to create your own personal blog or portfolio, or you’re setting up an online platform for a small business you want to put up, here are the top website builders that provide hosting and customization – absolutely free! The best part is you won’t have to deal with a single line of code with the help of these websites.

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