All Wi-Fi now hackable – this affects everyone!

This topic is so serious, I feel obliged to tell as many people as possible. This affects everyone! An extremely serious vulnerability has been exposed affecting everyone. We all use WiFi and we are all vulnerable to this latest attack.   KRACK ATTACK Two Belgian researchers discovered a vulnerability in the WiFi protocol (last year! …

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Google Wifi coming soon to a home near you

Picture this … your friends are all at your place, and you’re streaming the Superbowl through your big screen projector. The Redskins are 4th down on the 12-yard line and the game starts buffering. Or maybe you took an important business call at your home office and the connection is unsure. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to have secure streaming anywhere you go – no matter how many devices are plugged in?

With Google Wifi, homes everywhere will be able to have seamless coverage from attic to basement and from sunroom to garage. With traditional Wi-Fi, your signal comes from your Internet service provider to a modem. Then the modem is hooked to a router that transmits a wireless signal throughout the immediate area.

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Could Google’s New Wireless Service Save You Money?

With many complaints about expensive cell phone company data plans and roaming prices, Google’s new wireless plan may be worth a look. And it’s not just a wireless plan. Project Fi‘s innovative program uses a network of the biggest wireless carriers combined with WiFi in your home and locations all over the world to give you the best available cell signal wherever you are in world.

The Project, open by invitation only in 2015, is now in full swing and available in the US on the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6 phones. This summer, it expanded its coverage to over 135 countries and locations all over the world. With rumored new features from Google Nougat coming in the fall, now might be the best time to explore Google’s new option.

Here are 5 reasons to keep your eye on Fi:

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Under the hood of an Intel 2-in-1 Laptop / Tablet

I recently obtained an Acer R3-471T-5448. Do I call it a laptop or a tablet? Really it is the best of both worlds. I call it a convertible 14″ touchscreen personal device – a comfortable size to carry around. It has a 10-point touch display which I find to be quite intuitive. Intel has been pushing out 2-in-1‘s which are helping bridge the gap between both world (laptops and tablets). There are 4 different ways it can be used: as a laptop/notebook, propped up like a tent so everyone can see, used as a tablet/pad, or as a display. This is achieved by using a 360 dual torque hinge which is very versatile.

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Samsung is about to unleash breakneck WiFi speeds

When it comes to WiFi signals, the routers many of us have in our homes today are hampered by barriers such as walls and other electronic devices that interfere with the signal. Because of this, routers never quite deliver the speeds manufacturers claim they’re capable of, especially when multiple devices are involved.

In a recent announcement, Samsung Electronics claims to have solved this problem by developing new technology, and get this – this new tech will boost WiFi speeds fivefold!

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Prevent hackers from stealing your personal info through your smartphone

Since our smartphones are now an integral part of our social and professional lives, they have become a gold mine of personal information and a storage bank that contains important data about how we live our daily lives. It contains invaluable information about ourselves, from our schedules and credit card information, to our private conversations, the apps we use, our social media profiles, and e-mails. In short, the kind of information you don’t want anyone else to access, but is precisely what hackers are targeting.

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