Working remotely

How to Recognize and Reward Remote Employees

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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, where remote work has become the norm and virtual interactions reign supreme, the significance of recognizing and motivating remote employees has reached new heights. As companies adapt to this shift, nurturing a sense of appreciation and belonging among remote team members has become a strategic imperative. After all, …

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Why Remote Workers are Often Forgotten

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Choosing between working remotely and working from the office, many companies are opting for a middle of the road approach. As more and more companies are making that hybrid decision, those same companies are faced with several unique issues. One problem is one around recognition. A report conducted by Benefex found: 79% believe employee experience …

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Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

The pandemic made a compelling case for businesses to make the switch to remote work. For one, it was necessary to keep businesses functional during the pandemic. However, through that experience, businesses came to recognize several benefits from it. Three other major revelations came to light: While there are overwhelming positives to working remotely, all …

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4 Steps to Better Cybersecurity for Remotely Working Business

As remote work is growing in popularity these days, many organizations are also realizing security environments are dramatically changing too. Securing remote work doesn’t just rest on the job of an IT team. It also requires a lot of trust. When people are performing remote work, senior leadership need to trust that every team beyond …

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