Got kids? Have you enabled parental controls and prevented them from using up all your mobile data?

Many families are providing phones to their children so you can stay in touch and keep up with the times. Typically these are added to a family plan where all devices share the same monthly data. With this great power comes great responsibility, many children (and adults) don’t understand mobile vs wifi data or get …

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Are advertisers tracking you? Here’s how to control them.


Have you recently visited a website to take a quick look at something and then got bombarded with ads from that company anywhere you go?  Advertisers who use the Google Ads platform can track you on Google, YouTube, and any of their ad partners through apps and websites. You can control this through Google Ad personalization …

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I interviewed Ken Karpoff – Performance Coach

Mtek Digital

Meet Ken Karpoff – a performance coach of Olympic proportions Ken’s Toolbox mentioned in this video: → OnePlus → WhatsApp → Evernote → Zhiyun Gimbals → Rode Microphones