David Papp is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who was the perfect anti-dote for an early morning start at our conference. His expertise with regards to all-things computer is astonishing, and he was able to present it in a way that was tangible for our audience. We also received complimentary feedback from our participants. I would recommend hiring David as a keynote for your next event.

Tara de Munnik

Strathcona County

Wanted to follow up and thank you for a fine performance. You nailed it. You were prepared, energetic and engaging. Well done. Heard a bunch of positive feedback. Thanks again as I know it is a lot of work.

Tim B.

I worked remotely with David as he created several very professional videos for me. I’m in Montreal, he’s in Edmonton, and we created our videos through the Zoom platform. When we finished filming, he worked on the final product, including edits, adding music, opening and closing segments, the audio recording, etc. But the value was not ONLY in the video creation and editing, but the support, guidelines and ideas that he gave me along the way to enable me to come up my own video ideas (and not overthink them, which can be a common challenge), and then sharing ways that I could create my own videos quickly, easily and professionally – and get them out into the world faster. Also, when David delivered the [amazing] final product, he shared NINE different ways to market the video for maximum exposure, so that my business could benefit the most. I will certainly act on his suggestions, however, I suspect that I will hire him again so that he and his team can do this content marketing for me. He’s easy and fun to work with, and he really knows what he’s doing, from the start of the video creation process all the way to marketing them to full effect. I look forward to working with him again.

Suzannah Baum

David was very knowledgeable, engaged and related to audience very well and was interesting to listen to. The presentation was what I expected based on the description and we were provided with very useful tools to move forward.

Louise Alm

Northern Lakes College

David Papp has spoken to Atlantic Trust’s clients and friends at events across the U.S. His presentation style is engaging and infectious, making people of all ages and stages want to learn more about how to make safe social connections online. Importantly, David provides practical, user-friendly tips in his take-away resources on CyberSecurity and Social Media.

Carolyn C. Donnelly

Atlantic Trust, a CIBC Company

All around good and informative of new networking and marketing opportunities through those networks.

Tyler Coburn

Coburn Farms

Very lively and interactive. It was an educational and knowledgeable session.

Kavita Kaur

City of Edmonton

Nice session to people do not use social media and mobile devices that often.

Ray Lin

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

I thought David was the perfect speaker for this topic.
Very charismatic and obviously well versed in the subject.

Jess Fehr

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Social Media workshop very engaging!

Alberta Women Entrep


Wonderful social media session #vitalize2013

Nikki T.


Thank you! What an amazing session on #socialmedia #vitalize2013 #abculture

Erin Di Loreto


Great work, loved your session! #vitalize2013 workshop on #socialmedia reminds me of why i love #WebCommunications-endless possibilities 4 business+personal use


Very engaging, enthusiastic and knows how to keep an audience engaged. Very informative and to the point.

Mahalia Coniah


David is an outstanding IT resource and I can recommend him unreservedly for network services and support and for web development (mobile and traditional).

Frank Coughlan

The Allin Clinic

David is very good at keeping the audience engaged. This session is a great introduction to social media. It contains lots of eye opening statistics that illuminate just how big social media has become.

Shawn Tucker

City of Grande Prairie

David was wonderfully engaging and kept us all alert for his afternoon presentation.

Sandra Shepherd

City of Grande Prairie

David’s presentation was bang on. He had information for those of us that think we know it all and those that are just getting started in this maze of social media. His advice was practical, his presentation engaging. Our only mistake was not keeping him here about an hour longer.

Roxanne Clark

Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce

Lots of information I had never considered/known… Opened my eyes about what was available to be used by businesses.


I have a number of very good takeaways from the session. The length of today’s session was about right, although it was very engaging and I would have enjoyed a little more time.

Rob Lunman

Government of Alberta

Great speaker! Nice prizes for the audience, got them engaged. I did enjoy all the tips at the end. Quite a few that I can take back to our organization and apply. Would have enjoyed hearing more!

Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Papp was interesting to listen to and a knowledgable presenter. I especially liked his personal story of the robin’s eggs hatching on his acreage and remembered seeing this on the news on TV.I liked the graphs that were shown demonstrating how the Internet and social networking tools have grown over the last few years. I also liked the information provided about social networking tools that I didn’t even know existed. It was a good presentation for people like myself who only know the very basics of tools like facebook. Based on the info that I was shown in the session I now understand the different types of social networking tools and how they are used.

Government of Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development

There was a lot of interesting information presented in the presentation. I especially thought that the “top ten” videos were a great way of demonstrating the big picture in a nutshell. I myself do not have a facebook or twitter account, but I found the information about the “how to use social networks” were presented very well for an audience that would otherwise be unfamiliar with them.

Nikita Parmar

Provincial Crown Prosecutor’s Office

There was a lot of interesting information presented in the presentation. I especially thought that the “top ten” videos were a great way of demonstrating the big picture in a nutshell. I myself do not have a facebook or twitter account, but I found the information about the “how to use social networks” were presented very well for an audience that would otherwise be unfamiliar with them.

Nikita Parmar

Provincial Crown Prosecutor’s Office

David was extrememly knowledgable and presented very well. The time we had with him definately went by too fast. The session was targeted to a “new to social networking” audience. I was hoping that there would be more discussion of facebook rumours, privacy, how to keep yourself safe, etc, etc. I already have all the accounts that he covered, and I was just hoping to learn more about what he thought about the different social networking sites, as opposed to how they worked. However, this took nothing away from his presentation, and I did enjoy my breakout session very much. We were on limited time, and actually, I would have prefered to have at least a Q&A session before we had to go. I also enjoyed the little competitions that he had. I liked his use of technology 🙂 Had I been an interent noob…I definately would have gained a lot from what was presented 🙂

Crystal Smith

Government of Alberta

Fantastic and engaging presentation! Very interesting Facts. I thought I knew a fair bit about the Internet and facts, however I learned so much yesterday!

Lindsay Cashin

Government of Alberta

I saw your Amazing Social Media presentation a few weeks ago at our division technology PD and absolutely loved it.Thanks and again your presentation was very enlightening!

Kurt Davison

St. Theresa School

David is a Consultant/ Professional Engineer who’s worked on many telecommunication initiatives for various Edmonton primed companies.

Jerry Fabro

Bell Canada

David is a creative solutions provider with a strong technical background, good people skills and high moral standards.

Ralf Maynard

GT Group Telecom

Getting to know more than the business, getting to know the people, there needs, and what’s really going to help the entire organization. It’s more that getting a project going, it’s keeping it going. Reliably and within budget, this is the quality that David brought to us.

Blaine Zuk

Medical Imaging Consultants

David has a wealth of experience in the field of IT/Telecom having practiced extensively as a VP and Co- founder and now CEO of high tech companies. In the past 15 years David has assessed 100’s of organizations best practices, policies and LAN /WAN infrastructures all over North America. David’s certifications are not only impressive but have helped him solidify as a hot commodity in the IT field because of the high quality and professionalism provided.

Tony Spadafora

Bell Canada

I’ve known David Papp for nearly 15 years now when he provided our company with expert consulting and IT services. We have continued to contact David when we need a trusted and qualified opinion. In fact, he’s the first person we think of! David’s knowledge of IT is vast, his service is instant and is always delivered with care and interest. I highly recommend David Papp and we will continue to rely on his skill and professionalism.

Sandi Hunter

Worldprofit Inc.

Our company, The Internet Centre, has worked with David for many years on different projects both simple and complicated. David is arguably the most capable and informed Internet and computer network professional in Alberta. There may be other people who are just as capable, but none more capable, than David in all aspects of secure networking and operations. He and his staff have been an invaluable assistant and mentor for some of the more complicated secure networks that we, as the oldest Internet Service Provider in the Province of Alberta, have had to establish and maintain. We have received excellent feedback from customers to whom we have referred David, and he quite simply gets the job done. He is a professional, honest, and hard working individual, and we will continue to avail ourselves of his expertise and talents going forward. We would recommend him to any of our customers.

Graham Fletcher

The Internet Centre

David and Microtek have been servicing all of our IT, data, and communication needs since 2003. Their remarkable expertise and professionalism was immediately evident from the first time we received service, leaving us with no doubt as to whom we would utilize for all future needs.Since our first communication, we have enjoyed consistent service of the very highest quality ever possibly expected, with immediate response to all requests. They manifest a diverse background, providing for “one-stop shopping” for any communication or data need.

Our only regret about working with the team at Microtek is that we did not find them sooner. The innovation, stability, service, and quality they provide has vastly improved the quality of our business, and taught us many lessons about what it means to care for one’s customer.

Marlea Sleeman

Sureway Construction Group of Companies

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for presenting. It was great to meet you and experience your energetic, enthusiastic and information packed session. Love your energy and your wisdom.

Joyce S.

Bravo on your upbeat, fast-paced, engaging, fun, interactive, and relevant CAPS presentation. Thank you

Patricia M.

Thank you for your fantastic CAPS Presentation.

Peter V.

Excellent session.

Laree Findlay

Rainbow Literacy

thoroughly enjoyed the way David infused humorous anecdotes into his lecture. The seminar was interactive and engaging. Fantastic overview. Great knowledge for all levels.

Graeme Haunholter

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Informative and fast paced. No dull moments.

Sharan Sandhu

Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association

Enjoyed the video intervals with stats. Very commanding of attention for the size of group in attendance. Lots of audience interaction. Enjoyed the resource list supplied of websites available for social media related functions.

Jessica Burgess

Junior Farmer’s Association of Ontario

David was a very good speaker and knew how to hold an audience’s attention.

Mable Chan-Simons

City of Edmonton

Awesome speaker. Made presentation interesting. Lots of energy!

Sahill Mohan

City of Edmonton

Mr. Papp was excellent at engaging the audience and delivering his message. The session was excellent. A great deal of facts that I think was interesting to the audience. The questions and interaction was appreciated.

Adam Hillaby

City of Edmonton

Thanks for the informative lecture on social media #vitalize2013

Kelty Coburn


Social Media 411 #vitalize2013 good stuff!

Snow Valley


Great session on social media. #Vitalize2013

Karen MacDonald


Your lecture was amazing! I learnt more new things. #vitalize2013


Excellent, very high energy and incredibly informative, it was fabulous.

Nicole Ticknovich

Alberta Adaptabilities Association

2nd time catching, you love it both times

Joyce Brown

Winfield AG Society

Excellent presentation skills and knowledge of topic.

City of Lethbridge

David was a very engaging and dynamic speaker.

The City of Red Deer

David has an infectious energy and a friendly demeanor.

City of Fort Saskatchewan

I was very impressed with both Dave and the content of his presentation. I am not tech savy and am just learning about “social media”. I went away with new knowledge and ideas I wanted to try. Thanks for all the info in a “lingo” that even I could understand. Entertaining, easy to understand and follow and very well presented.

Kellie Smith

Kel’s Korners Framing

Excellent presentation skills and knowledge of topic.

Gloria Holberton

Government of Alberta

Very Knowledgable about subject. The use of visual aids/contests were very well done. NO POWER POINT!! Thank-you…Nothing is worse than sitting through long/Boring power point presentations. Very well done and covered a lot of key information in 45 minutes.

Drumheller Business Owner

Excellent speaker!

Amber Hodgson

Canalta Hotels

The speaker David Papp was exceptional, easy to listen to and very easy to follow along with his presentation. I was disappointed when it was over. The sesssion was very informative. I learnt things about google and facebook as well as the other social media options that I never knew before.

Brenda DeMille

Chinook Credit Union

David kept everyone engaged and interested. It was very interesting.

Linda Brent

Alberta Education

David Papp is a very engaging speaker! I totally enjoyed his presentation!

Anne Boyd

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

David is very knowledgeable and able had a good delivery style. I was glad to get the overview on the different types of social media, and even though am familiar with most of them, it helped me with the couple I wasn’t as familiar with. As an introduction course, it was well done. I would consider going to a more in depth session to allow me use some social media better.

Leanne Gruber

Government of Alberta

David was an excellent speaker. He spoke with the audience, not to the audience. David’s presentation was easy to follow and understand. Overall the session was informative and entertaining.

Government of Alberta

All the staff members who attended your presentation were extremely pleased. I spoke with many of the teachers in attendance and they stated that they not only learned a good deal, they were very entertained, as well.It was very kind of you to take part in our Division Technology Day. We really appreciated having you present to our staff. You provided an area of technology that is prevalent in our society and now in our schools. We have just barely tapped into your wealth of knowledge and experience and hope that we can work with you again in the future.

Jeannine Bobrowsky

Elk Island Catholic Schools

I cannot recommend David highly enough. David has done everything from network audits to specialized wireless solutions to network setup/configuration. What I like most: he comes in, gets it done and leaves. Doesn’t sound like much? Try having 10 things mis-configured after someone fixes your one network problem!

Scott Tetz

Truck Parts Solutions

I have worked with David on a number of projects and have found him to be an excellent resource for any technical challenges we have required assistance with. David has been a resource that I have quite happily recommended to clients requiring network and IT services outside the scope of what WiBand provides.

Owen Fraser

WiBand Communications

David is dedicated to his work, always looking to expand his skill set and staying current with his accreditations. His problem solving skills and troubleshooting skills are well used by himself and his clients.

Sean Blanchette

Rogers Communications

David has provided networking services to our company on several occasions. In each instance we have been very satisfied with the outcome.

Ron Heigh

Global Structural Detailing

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Craig Lull

Ralcomm Ltd.

I have worked for David, as a subcontractor (OA), as an employee (ZeroHype) and a contractor (Microtek Corp), since 1997 – and I have always found David to be an absolute professional. He is an expert in technology solutions, constantly learning & pushing the leading edge of the technology industry and always encouraging the people around him to grow.He has been a pleasure to know, to work for, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a technology, IT, and/or web solution.

James Rozak

Tractor Beam Marketing

We are proud to say that David and the Microtek team are within our ‘secret arsenal’ of tech tools here at BlackSun. We have been working with them for the past few years will continue to recommend their services to our friends in the industry!

Steve Rogoschewsky


David has been an invaluable computer network and systems security resource for our company.

Ron Van Vliet

Medical Imaging Consultants

David is an extraordinary person with a very high aptitude for solving complex server and network related issues. He has been my mentor since I first stepped into IT and I highly recommend David to anyone in need of a high level security/network(cisco)/unix consultant.

Eric Boudreau

Elk Island Catholic Schools

Cash Canada has used Microtek in the past for both consultation and break fix purposes. David and his staff have been a great value to our organization, with their skill set and knowledge base they have come through for us on more than one occasion. David has even taken the time out from his holidays to answer my questions, one time while on the chair lift in Banff. We have engaged Microtek in the build out and move of our virtual environment to our new corporate location.I would recommend Microtek to any company looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner for any IT related project.

Vern Pruden

Cash Canada Financial Centers

David’s troubleshooting skills are phenomenal and have pulled us out of more than one bind. His knowledge of Cisco networking equipment has proven invaluable to us in our growth as a service provider. His general knowledge of network design and troubleshooting continues to be extremely useful to our organization. Generally speaking, ‘These guys know their stuff’. Professionalism, patience, and courtesy are demonstrated throughout each project. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of network engineering.

Robert A. Snyder

Clearwave Communications

When WiBand has a critical IT issue requiring timely, attentive and practical advice, we call David. In our view he offers the best value relative to results, in the Western Canadian marketplace.

Guy Bertrand

WiBand Communications