Working Online: Webinars

David is your Working from Home Guru for all things Tech

With more than 25 years professional field experience, David has helped businesses and individuals embrace technology and thrive in the online world. Particularly in response to recent global events, he is focused on delivering engaging and invaluable information through webinars to Solopreneurs, and businesses of any size on how to successfully move through the online landscape.

David has been sought after for presentations, workshops, and consultations – and now Webinars! His popularity as an everyday “tech guy” has made him a popular media resource with over 50,000 Twitter followers. Local and national radio and television often call on David to provide clarity to tech related topics.

Bringing a down-to-earth perspective, David’s one-on-one and group webinars are lively and feature visuals that enhance his presentation.

Topics Include:

Popular Keynote Speaker

His presentations are fun and engaging! David encourages his audience to engage with technology. Powerful presentation and media complementing his message, while David walks among the crowd.

Engaging, knowledgeable, and able to bring complicated technology ideas to an audience of varying experience makes David an exceptional choice for talks about modern technology, cyber security, social media, and training.

How Great Content Attracts New Sales, Happy Customers & Engaged Staff

If you aren’t pushing out regular content online, you should be! Learn how easy it is to capture video and to repurpose the generated content.

Learn effective methods on how to:

  • find out what your new customers and target audience is looking for
  • establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • identify the best way to share
  • get your content noticed
  • extend the value of your efforts across multiple platforms

With my simple 4-step model, learn how you can get all of the above with easy weekly content drips. I even include a “What next?” bonus.

This will appeal to you if:

  • you want to get on the first page of Google
  • you want more leads
  • you’re stuck on what to post on social platforms
  • you have limited time and need to maximize your ROI

Technology, the Future and You!

You wake up in the morning and your self-driving car awaits. It actually belongs to a good friend who places her vehicle in the local pool when she doesn’t need it.

Your replacement truck is being 3D-printed today and you are excited to get the latest model with augmented reality windows. Your friend’s vehicle is taking you to the nearby hyperloop station so you can get day-surgery in an adjacent city for a quick liver transplant that was printed this morning for you.

Way too much partying last weekend in the zero-g flight to Bora Bora… thankfully the surgeon in Singapore had his drone drop off some meds to take the edge off your nerves. You ask your home for a brief report, while your toast is printed and coffee poured, to get the latest weather, sports scores, and a reminder to call your mom.

You hop in the vehicle, your home security activates as it senses you have left, and you open a holo-call telling your mom everything is okay…

Think this far-fetched and won’t happen in your lifetime? Think again!

Apple, Google, Uber, Amazon, Tesla, and many other tech firms have already made huge advancements bringing this to near reality.

How is this all possible and where are we headed?

We live in exponential times where now more than ever g33ks, n3rds, h4x0rs, and techs are in high demand. Technology is key to getting business done! Open your mind to the future and attend this presentation.

Key Insights:

  • Where we have been
  • Where we are now
  • Where we are headed
  • How can you benefit

CyberSecurity: Staying Secure in a Hyper-Connected World

Online security is a growing concern for many.

To minimize risk and protect yourself, it is important to become educated with the issues and best
practices for prevention. David will provide you easy cybersecurity tips to shield you online, help you feel more comfortable, and keep your family
more secure.

Educate yourself and increase your awareness to prevent many issues.

Actionable insights from this session include:

  • Personal tips on identity theft, passwords, viruses and ransomware, phishing attacks, staying safe on WiFi, and shopping online
  • Corporate tips to help you at work with education, awareness, assessments and audits, helpful reminders and a great bonus sheet
  • Tips for kids online with issues that exist, education, and available software to help protect them

Remember, we protect ourselves on a best-effort basis with limited time while the bad guys are full-time professionals. Come learn some easy tips on how to protect yourself against online threats and risks.

Past Courses & Seminars:

  • Bitcoins, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies
  • Working with Millennials
  • Identify and Prevent CyberBullying
  • Promoting & Increasing Your Business Using Social Media
  • Unmasking Identity Theft & Fraud
  • Attracting New Employees with your Website & Social Media
  • The Social Media Revolution
  • Building a Great Website (on a Budget)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Social Networking 101
  • Social Networking, What Should Your Business Do?
  • Resources for an Online Detective
  • Internet Security
  • Internet Privacy
  • Application of Effective Security Controls within the Enterprise
  • Lessons Learned for Small Business Owners
  • FreeBSD Configuration
  • Cisco Router Configuration
  • Corporate Network Security and Privacy
  • Network Assessments
  • Cisco Firewall Configuration
  • IT Management & IT Entrepreneurs
  • Computer Privacy
  • Data Intercept & Forensics
  • Bandits and Bloodhounds – Data Interception, Routing Forensics and IP Tracking
  • Protecting Your Business Online
  • Internet Security Basics
  • Building a Better Set of Keys – I&A, Crypto, PKI, and Biometrics
  • Discover Hacking
  • History of the Internet
  • Transport Modalities
  • TCP/IP Primer